Relief for Some on Foreign Bank Account Reporting

As you may know, the IRS now requires more persons who own or have signature authority over foreign bank accounts are required to file a Form TD F 90-22.1, foreign bank account report (FBAR) by June 30 of each year. This requirement impacts organizations and their officers who have overseas activities and accounts. Due to the complexity of the new reporting rules, the IRS has announced limited relief for some filers effective for the 2009 calendar year:

1. Signature authority only. Persons with signature authority only, but no financial interest in a foreign account, will now have an extra year to file the report. The report originally due on June 30, 2010, will now be due on June 30, 2011.
2. FBAR-related questions on tax forms. A taxpayer who qualifies for the additional one-year filing deadline, provided they have no other reportable foreign accounts, should check “NO” in response to the FBAR-related questions on their 2009 federal tax forms (those questions that ask about the existence of foreign financial accounts).

For more information see IRS Notice 2010-23 at,,id=104345,00.html